Sarah Kate & Julien

Sarah Kate & Julien have quite an incredible story and I've beyond loved getting to know them this past year and a half, and texting back & forth with Sarah Kate on all her amazing ideas, details, and even tonight she sent me photos of their new black kittens I could not even handle!
Sarah Kate & Julien- where do I even begin though- what a serious power couple.
They met ON her birthday, when she was studying abroad in London. It literally was love at first sight and they spent hours that night figuring out how much they truly had in common.
Sarah Kate is in fashion, and Julien is a Chef, both after my own heart and I'm all about it!
They continued their long distance relationship after Sarah Kate moved back to the east coast, and now here we are!
Their wedding was nothing short at all of a continuation of their beautiful story, and it was absolutely magical!


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