Surprise Proposal at Glen Foerd on the Delaware - Jeet & Emily

Ever wondered what a proposal looks like that is SO good that he proposes TWICE?! Well here it is and I truly don't know who was at a bigger loss for words between myself and Emily!

I arrived at Glen Foerd with the amazingly talented Hazel Dust Studios who set up in the gazebo, a gorgeous floral arrangement, champagne, and big art box with more decor & photos. We started the music, and I set myself up in a muddy bush behind a tree to wait for Jeet & Emily to make their way down.

Once they got to the gazebo Jeet started expressing to Emily, dropped down on one knee, and the rest I will let the photos speak for themselves because I think we all were and still are pretty speechless at the events that went down.

Oh- and the proposal was just SO good, that it happened TWICE!

Congrats you two, beyond honored to have been a part of it all with Jeet & Emily, and the ever fabulous team:


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